Copyright and Trademarks

Thank you very much for visiting our website. We greatly value your patronage and support.

We would like to take a moment to explain to you how our business works because we've seen an increase of unauthorized prints and other products being placed for sale on eBay and elsewhere on the Internet, and we ask that you refrain from purchasing from these vendors.

Mahmoud Farshchian's livelihood and the artworks you enjoy depend on people respecting his copyrights and trademarks. Artists, writers, people and companies with great ideas all pay to have their work copyrighted and/or trademarked so that they can ensure that, not only will they be compensated for all their hard work, but so that their unsuspecting customers will be protected from spending their hard-earned cash on poor quality, illegal merchandise.

The unauthorized use of a copyrighted work is called an infringement. U.S. laws provides stiff penalties for infringing copyrighted works. Penalties can include monetary damages, all profits earned by the infringer from the unauthorized use of the copyrighted work and attorney's fees.

Permission to use a copyrighted work is called a "license." A license must be obtained from an artist prior to using the work. If you are interested in licensing Mahmoud Farshchian's artwork, please feel free to contact us.

Our customers are one of our best resources for discovery of unscrupulous people fraudulently using Mahmoud Farshchian' s artwork and trademarks. Please let us know if you find goods or services that are not authorized products. Thank you again for your support!