Dear Farshchian,


This, the latest publication to depict his work, provides vivid testimony of his exceptional, indeed unique, qualities as an artist, Of one thing we can be certain: the art of Mahmoud Farshchian will endure.

Koichiro Matsuura
Director General - UNESCO

Your extraordinary virtuosity conjures up so many moods, forms, and legends known from classical Persian painting. Your mastery of brush and pigment, as well as your intense devotion to a vital tradition, rewards those who travel through the world of your miniatures and drawings. For a foreigner such as myself, who has been addicted to Persian painting for most of his life (a slightly longer one than yours), it is exciting to recognize many motifs and characterizations.

Stuart Cary Welch
Curator - Harvard University Art Museums, Busch-Reisinger Museum, Foff Art Museum, and Arthur M. Sackler Museum

On account of their extraordinary craftsmanship, their wide coloristic range and innate sense of the decorative aspect, the drawings and painting of Mr. Mahmoud Farshchian are in the true tradition of the great Iranian painters.

Dr. Richard Ettinghausen
Chief Curator & Director - Freer Gallery and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is a pleasure to show the imaginative creations of Mr Farshchian, who surely, must be considered among the most talented contemporary artists.

Daniel M. MacMaster
President - Museum of Science and Industry

Opening an art book of Mahmoud Farshchian is like leaping into the heart of a magical realm. A happy blend of the real and imaginary at once sets the tone for everything, thanks to an alchemy whose secret formula he seems to be one of the few to possess. People, nature, animals and objects are present; we recognize them for what they are, but at the same time we begin to see them differently. We do not see them in a dream, but touch them with a different way of looking. This is what makes Mahmoud Farshchian unique and exceptional. That is how it is. This is another stroke of the master's skill.

Federico Mayor
Director General - UNESCO

I am always amazed at the beautiful craftsmanship and the skill displayed in the paintings by Farshchian.

Harold P. Stern
Director - Smithsonian Institute

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