This website is owned and maintained by FarshchianART, a foundation dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, preserving, and interpreting the art and archives of Mahmoud Farshchian. Founded by the Farshchian Family, FarshchianART’s objectives include furthering public knowledge and appreciation for the arts; conducting research in art history and related subjects and presenting those results to the general public; providing high-resolution images and programs to assist the education and development of artists; and preserving Farshchian’s artistic legacy for scholarship, including the physical preservation of his works, archives, homes, and studios. 

FarshchianART’s projects include collaborating on exhibitions and publications, organizing and maintaining the Farshchian archives, authenticating works, and cataloguing the artist’s works.  FarshchianART also organizes exhibitions, lectures, performances, and events featuring Farshchian's works. We support contemporary artists with the biannual Farshchian Prize and the Atelier Farshchian residency program in Tehran, Iran, and New York, New York.
FarshchianART has been charged with a collection of Farshchian works from all periods of Farshchian’s life. Our comprehensive collection includes paintings, works on paper, rugs, domestic objects, and personal artifacts.  A large number of these works are available for traveling exhibitions or long-term loans to institutions (see Exhibitions & Collections).

FarshchianART has amassed and organized an exhaustive archive on Mahmoud Farshchian and his work. Our archive contains historic photographs, videos, books, & media content. Updates to these records continue with research and correspondence between museums, collectors, dealers, auction houses, and scholars worldwide. Owners of works attributed to Farshchian are encouraged to contact us to register their works in the archive. The archive is a resource for curators and scholars but it is not open to the general public.  Some of the information on Farshchian’s work and life documented in the archive may be found on this website.
Trustees & Advisors
Leila Farshchian
President & Co-founder

Alimorad Farshchian
Vice President, Co-Founder

Masoud Farshchian
Technical Officer, Co-Founder

Jennie Farshchian
Legal Advisor, Co-Founder

David Hecht
Legal & Web3 Development

Miranda Leigh
Communications & Strategy

Belle Augusta Savransky
Digital Design & Branding

Ray Gonzalez
Web Development