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Chaste (The Prophet Joseph)

40in x 32in


Potiphar's wife: “Oh Joseph! Your eyes are so beautiful.” Joseph: “I use them to look at my Lord,” he retorts. Potiphar's wife: “Joseph, raise your sight and gaze at my face,” she responds. Joseph: “I fear [if I do so] that I will be resurrected blind in the afterlife,” he answered. She tries to press herself close to Yusuf, but he moves away. “I come close to you, yet you distance yourself from me?” she asks. “I desire, by that, the closeness of my Lord,” he says.

“Joseph, I have prepared my bed for you so enter under its sheets with me,” she says. Joseph replies, “Your sheets will not shield me from my Lord.”

“Joseph, I have prepared the finest of silk covers, so I order you to fulfill my desires!” she exclaims. “If I do so,” he says, “My portion of paradise will be lost.”

And as he hurried to the door, she tore his shirt from the back. Because he rejected her, she told Potiphar that Joseph violated her.  The accusations were not believed because his shirt was torn from behind.

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