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Fire Reflourishing (Prophet Abraham)

88.5 cm x 72 cm


God issued His command: "O fire! Be you coolness and safety for Abraham." The Quran 21:69

The Story of Abraham.  They dug a deep pit, filled it with firewood and ignited it.  They brought a catapult with which to cast Abraham into the fire.  Abraham was put on the catapult, his hands and feet tied.  The fire was ready with its flames reaching the sky.  The people stood away from the pit because of the great heat.  Then the chief priest gave his order to cast Abraham into the fire. The Angel Gabriel came near Abraham's head and asked him: 'O Abraham, do you wish for anything?'  Abraham replied: "Nothing from you." The catapult was hot, and Abraham was cast into the fire,  but his descent into the blaze was as a descent on steps in a cool garden."

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