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Divine Messengers

23in x 18in


Come, for most unstable is the foundation of the palace of hope:  the bodyRelies for permanence on external worship.

Bring the cup of God's love, for the foundation of life of the soul is swiftly departing on the swift wind.  Beneath the azure vault I am that slave of a resolution, that is free from whatever taketh colour of attachment.  What shall I tell thee Last night in the wine tavern the stage of Truth completely intoxicated.

Me, Gabriel of the invisible world, gave tidings how glad,  Saying, O Falcon of lofty vision, sitting on the Sidra tree of lofty degree Not thy nest, is this corner of the world full of woe. From highest Heaven's pinnacle, they utter a cry for thee In this snare - place the World I know not what Fortune hath befallen thee that with it, thou art fascinated Counsel, I proffer thee take it to mind; bring it into action For, from the Pir of Tarikat the Path I recollect this matter.  

Suffer not grief for the World; take not my counsel from thy mind. For, from a wayfarer, I recollect this sweet saying:  Give contentment to that God given unloose the frown from thy forehead For, the door of choice is not open to me and thee.  From the world of unstable nature, seek not uprightness of covenant For this old woman is the bride of a thousand Lovers.  

In the smile of the rose is no trace of the covenant of fidelity.

O nightingale lover, bewail; for it is the place of wail.  

O languid verse, wherefore bearest thou envy towards Hafiz?

God-given are the acceptance of the heart and the grace of speech.

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