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The Last Breath

32in x 20in


The Phoenix is a symbol of renewal, the sun, immortality and resurrection.

Some believe it represents Jesus Christ.

According to the legend, after 500 years the phoenix sets himself on fire and in the flames turns into ashes.  The ashes regenerate into a brand new egg, which will hatch into a new phoenix. To rise like a phoenix, I must die like a phoenix, re-born anew from the remnants of the old, missed yet forgotten as the ashes mold into new flames — giving the ultimate breath of life into this new essence, new being, new form, but I’m still me.

"My phoenix long ago secured-  His nest in sky-vault's cope; In the body's cage immured; He is weary of life's hope. Round and round this heap of ashes- Now flies the bird amain - But in that odorous niche of heaven.    

Nestles the bird again. Once flies he upward, he will perch.  On Tuba's golden bough: His home is on that fruited arch -  Which cools the blest below -If over this world of ours - His wings my phoenix spread, How gracious falls on land and sea - The soul-refreshing shade! Either world inhabits he,  Sees oft below him planets roll; His body is all of air compact,  Of God's love his soul." (Hafez)

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